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7x12 ATV Style Trailer: Removable Sides
 • Single Axle 
 • Dovetail 
 • Tubed Rails, LED Lights, and Side Steps

7'x12' 3K ATV Style

  • Why buy a trailer with removable sides? Removable side trailers have the functionality of both open flatbed trailers and utility trailers. They are most notably used for loading equipment from the side rather than the rear of the trailer. For instance, some ATV models need to be loaded from the side. Or, you may need to load multiple pieces of equipment horizontally across the trailer to get the most out of a singular trip. Whatever your needs, our siding is easily removable to quickly turn your utility trailer into a flatbed. Not want to travel without siding? Load your trailer and replace the siding, it is as easy as it sounds!

Product Information

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