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Quality You Can Trust

5x8 2K Landscape
7X16 7K Equipment
48" Pallet Forks
6x10 3K Landscape
7x20 7K Equipment
6x12 3K Landscape
6x12 3K Mesh
36" Pallet Forks
7x20 10K Equipment
7x20 14K Equipment
Hay Spear
6x14 3K Landscape
6x14 3K Mesh
Trailer Mover
7X24 10K Equipment
7x24 14k Equipment
6x16 3K Landscape

We've partnered with Solectrac to establish an east coast distribution facility to meet the increasing demand for electric tractors. We hope to broaden Solectrac's service for east coast customers and reinforce nationwide growth.




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Your Go-To For Utility Trailers

Established in 2021, our trailer manufacturing facility is a welcome addition

to the town of Denton, but we service all surrounding areas!

18868 S NC Hwy 109

Denton, NC  27239

What You Get From Us:

   • Fabricated In-House Builds

   • Multiple Sizes & Capacities

   • Small, Local Business

   • Competitive Prices

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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